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Kinesiology 5 Pack $650 plus Reiki 1

Save by purchasing multiple sessions plus learn Reiki for self healing (optional).

  • 1 h
  • Spearwood

Service Description

Get five 90 min kinesiology balances for $777.00, plus Reiki 1 attunement (optional). Typically, several balances will be required to resolve and maintain issues. There can be interrelated patterns and simultaneous issues that complicate and cause problems in our bodies and our lives (believe it or not, we are humans, not robots). Therefore, we often need to access and work on issues from varying angles, to result in longer lasting effects. There can also be depth to some issues, that can take several balances to unravel. Kinesiology typically won't go deeper than what the individual can consciously handle (even then, challenging feelings and situations can occur as the effects of the balances integrate into our bodies and lives) and so, we may need to gradually work through deeper aspects which are contributing to issues. To maintain the relief from issues, we also may need to develop aspects, such as, resilience, self-awareness, self-worth, self-care and authentic vibration, so that triggers from outside influences (and sometimes internal influences, such as negative talk), don't continue to aggravate you. I recommend 2 - 4 weeks gap between balances. Let me know what your priority issue is and if you would prefer distance sessions, in the comments section when you book. Reiki is an awesome healing energy that is brilliant for self-healing in between kinesiology balances or to help integrate the healing and information that comes up during a Kinesiology session, and any other time you feel like some extra self-care.

Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel your appointment less than a day before the appointment, then you will not be refunded or be able to reschedule. If the appointment is an in-person appointment you can change it to a distance session. Or if the appointment is a distance call or face-time appointment you can change it to a no contact appointment. If you choose not to show up to an in-person or don't answer the call or face-time, you forfeit the appointment with no refund or reschedule option. If you are late you will not get the full treatment time. You will get the remainder of the allocated session time.

Contact Details

  • Spearwood WA, Australia

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